Trapped Flash

Donna L Greenwood

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Donna L Greenwood lives in Lancashire, England. She writes flash fiction, short stories and poetry and you can find examples of her work in Formercactus, Anti-Heroin Chic, Occulum, The Fiction Pool and others, as well as on her blog  She can be contacted on Twitter @DonnaLouise67 .

Christmas Folklore

Jan Kaneen

Jan Kaneen is a self-identifying weirdo who writes weird stories from her cottage deep in the Cambridgeshire fens. She’s half way through an MA in Creative Writing at the OU and has won flash comps here and there including Molotov Cocktail, Ad Hoc Fiction, Retreat West and Zero Flash. She’s been published round and about including fab places like the first Bath Flash Fiction Award Anthology, Ellipsis ‘One’ and Salome, and was nominated for a 2018 Pushcart. She blogs at and tweets as @Jankaneen1

Jan Kaneen

Déjà vu

Chris Wheatley


Chris Wheatley is a music journalist and writer from Oxford, UK. He has a passion for jazz and vintage rock ‘n’ roll and owns far too many records. Chris is indebted to his amazing son and his amazing wife for their inspiration and support.

Face your Phobia

Martin Sturrock

A teaching assistant by day, Martin Sturrock spends his nights writing for a middle-grade/young adult audience, but also loves to try his hand at other genres, including horror. As yet unpublished, he has been shortlisted in a number of competitions, including, The Times/Chicken House 2015; the Launchpad/Scott Free 2016; and the Penguin Write Now initiative 2016; as well as several wins for short stories and flash fiction. He likes his horror psychological and concise, and as such is currently enjoying the anthology, Some Will Not Sleep, by Adam Nevill.

April’s Ghoul

Caleb Baeten


Caleb Baeten is a Senior at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point studying Psychology. When not in school, he spends his free time on a plethora of distractions including reading (obviously), writing (what!?!), and video games (yeah, he’s like that). His truest passion lies in writing fiction, primarily fantasy, and he is currently working on a set of novels, short stories, and flash fictions. It is his secret aspiration to go through many years of schooling, only to instead enter into the world of writing as a career.


Morgan Parks


Morgan Parks has a PhD in geophysics, fourteen years experience in the software industry, three grown up children and an overgrown garden. And a cat. Find her @MorganJParks


Jade Mitchell


Jade Mitchell is a South African living in Oxford, working as a marketer, and dreaming of how to give readers nightmares. In between work, long walks and befriending strange cats, she forces her long-suffering friends and family to read her short stories.

Monday’s Child theme

Silvia Di Bonaventura (Monday)


Books’ antropophagus and generally-acclaimed idiot, Silvia came all the way from Italy with the pen in her fist, ready to stab all her unfortunate readers. When she’s in writing mood she looks like a forgotten cousin of the Addams Family. All the other days, she looks like a hyperactive 14 years old geek.

Sue Dawes (Tuesday)


Sue Dawes lives in the wilds of Essex with her family and border terrier.  She’s won a few writing competitions, most recently the David Mark Dead Pretty City short story competition.  Other stories have appeared in Mslexia, Speklit and the Island Review (to name a few).  Sue also edits a fiction pamphlet for local commuters called Words-Down-the-Line.



PhD student by day, movie maniac by night, Barbara Hughes-Moore is an aspiring author and Muse enthusiast. Her academic research interests include criminal legal theory, Gothic literature, and a troubling fascination with Doppelgängers that she is currently turning into a PhD. When she needs time away from writing her doctoral thesis, she likes to take a break – by writing, everything from short stories to flash fiction to that book that she’s definitely going to finish one day. As a self-confessed Luddite, she does not have a Facebook account. But, perplexingly, she is on Twitter. You can find her hereand, for rants and ramblings, at her blog.



O J Gwyne is a prose writer and poet based in Newcastle upon Tyne. She won the 2015 SASH writing prize and has been shortlisted in several national short story writing competitions. Her work will be featured in the forthcoming edition of Halo literary magazine.

 Sherry Morris (Friday)


Sherry Morris is from a small Missouri town, but has lived in London since 2000. She is an enthusiastic member of the Cloud Appreciation society and likes to grow elephant garlic at her local community garden.  Her stories have appeared with Gemini, Molotov Cocktail and the London Liars’ League. To read more of her work or see nice pictures of clouds visit her website. She tweets.


Brett-Thomas Schweitzer is a 24 year-old aspiring American Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy author living in Denver, Co. He is currently completing an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing at Metropolitan State University. Specializing in very tiny works he writes Two Sentence and Six Word stories as well as Flash Fiction. Over 700 tiny works can be found on his website and his Flash Fiction has been published in the Molotov Cocktail and is forthcoming in Effervescent Magazine.

Dante’s Inferno theme

We had over a hundred submissions to choose from, each with its own take on Dante’s Circles of Hell.

Here are the writers who stood above the rest.

Lee Hayden (Limbo)

Lee Hayden

Lee writes short stories in her spare time, is an artist, and an avid reader. She has recently rekindled her relationship with writing and hopes to keep the fire burning. Lee lives in the northeast of the US with her devil cat and loving partner.

Soniya Rajput  (Lust)

Soniya is an avid reader & a great literary enthusiast. A creative content writer by profession she has varied interest including painting & such. A wanderlust, she believes in the philosophy of YOLO.

Wiebo Grobler (Gluttony)


Born in South-Africa and raised in a small farming community Wiebo only had his imagination and nature to keep him occupied, until he found the magic of books. 

Residing in London and shortlisted for various Flash Fiction and Poetry including the Fish Publishing Prize, Wiebo writes to keep the vices in his head quiet. 

If you would like to read more of his work or keep up to date with what he’s doing please join his twitter account @Wiebog

Kim Glover (Greed)

Kim Glover

Kim Glover lives with her family in Southeastern Utah where she works as an early childhood educator.  She enjoys reading, writing, and playing in the beautiful desert she calls home.

Michelle Crosby (Anger)

Michelle Crosby

Michelle Crosby is a full time mum of two boys.  Having swapped a career in higher education for the joys of the school run, she now splits her time between co-chairing her primary school PTA and writing the odd article and short story…oh and looking after the kids! 

Izabela Jeremus (Heresy)

Izabela resides in South Dartmouth, MA with her wife, Kim, and their adopted Beagle, Face. Her work has been featured in the Poetry Gems 2000 Anthology, Dead Snakes Magazine, Voices Magazine published by the University of Hartford, and in an upcoming issue of Breath and Shadow Magazine. She holds a degree in Psychology and spends her days surrounded by the written word.

David J. Wing (Violence)

David J.Wing

David is a flash fiction aficionado. He runs a monthly competition, writes the occasional longer story and is currently working on a series of children’s illustrated submissions. He is married, has a brand new baby girl and a Priscila (dog).

Shannon Carlson (Fraud)


Shannon is a senior with a Biology major at Northern Illinois University. She uses her free time to write or read. Her dream is to one day publish a book.

Abi Love (Treachery)

Abi is an aspiring writer from Scotland. Aged 17, she writes in her spare time to hone her skills and looks to study creative writing in the future.