Comp Schedule

From 2018 the Horror Scribes flash fiction contest will always be open for entries. The above are the important dates for the flash fiction contests throughout the year.  Entries must be received before midnight UK time at the end of the closing date shown.  We will also publish submitted stories we liked, possibly argued over but essentially felt they deserved an ‘honourable mention’. Below are further details on the themes of each comp.

Deadline: Midnight at the end of the respective month (eg. the Trapped Flash deadline will be 31st March 2018).

Shortlist announced and Winner announced: 11am on the first day and last day of respective month (eg. for Trapped Flash this will be 1st May and 31st May respectively).

Entry Fee and Prizes: Entry fees and Prizes will vary depending on the competition. Check the competition page for more information.

Terms of entry:

  • 300 words max using our theme (where applicable) as inspiration
  • Horror and all sub-genres** of it will be considered
  • Entrants must be over 18 years of age
  • Entries must be in English
  • The competition is open internationally
  • Work must be original and previously unpublished.  Simultaneous subs are accepted
  • If possible please give your story a title
  • The PayPal reference must be quoted at the time of submission (where applicable)
  • Author retains full copyright

**eg. dark fantasy, gothic, splatter, supernatural, psychological, sci-fi, etc.


The Themes

Twisted History – OPEN

What if George Washington was a cannibal? This is the premise of a Masters of Horror episode and it’s the type of “What if?” scenario we would like you to write about in our Twisted History competition.

This one is all about alternate history, a genre that has mostly been unexplored in horror. “The Man in the High Castle” might be the seminal alternate history novel of our times but the story that, to me, first showcased the genre’s immense potential for horror was Isaac Asimov’s “The End of Eternity”. The clue to solving a mystery there was an image of a mushroom cloud in a newspaper advert. In 1932. Long before anyone had any right to know what that was.

These “What if?” scenarios can be truly chilling. So go ahead and give us your take on horrifying sliding door moments in history and on what could have been.


Coffins, lifts, cars, under the floorboards and even in our own heads. The thought of being trapped in a confined space terrifies the many and hasn’t been used, in our opinion, as much as it could be in horror writing. We want you to write 300 words using this theme as your inspiration: set the scene, where ever that might be, but make us feel like we’re there with you and the associated abject terror that comes with being in an inescapable situation.

Open – no theme! – COMPETITION CLOSED

Up to you! Write about whatever takes your fancy, just remember to scare or creep us out in 300 words! Launching on 1st April.  Submissions open until 30th June 2018.  *Early bird entry fee until 30th April £3, £4.50 thereafter.

Urban Legends – Closed

Urban legends are essentially chinese whispers that have taken a dark turn. They’re stories we’ve heard from a mate who’s heard them from a mate who definitely found that hook dangling from his car. They’re tales that endure because the public psyche is ridiculously porous, and even stories that have a clear origin (creepypasta 2009…) have somehow permeated as enduring myth (…Slender Man).

We’d like you to revisit, in 300 words or less, urban legends with your own twisted take on them.

Twisted History