This week we have prolific horror short story and flash fiction writer, Kevin J. Kennedy.

Tell us a bit about you and your writing.

I live in Scotland with my wife and two cats called Carlito and Ariel and I’m a bit of a home body these days. I write mainly short horror fiction and put together horror anthologies.

What in your opinion makes good horror?

My taste is very varied. For me it’s all about the overall story. I enjoy Post Apocalyptic, Spatterpunk, Bizarro and many other sub genres. I’m not a fan of slow burn horror. I’m inpatient and I need the story to have a good pace. It’s probably why I read so many novellas these days. I don’t feel the need to have every single detail described to me. I enjoy using my imagination and painting my own picture and sometimes I find the best authors say more with fewer words. I do gravitate towards the more human type horror these days as so many atrocities and real horrors are caused by mankind.

How do you feel about flash fiction as a medium for horror?

I love it. I’ve written a few flash fiction pieces and really enjoyed it and I’ve read some great flash fiction by others. It has to be done well thought. I’ve also read some terrible flash fiction and it really annoys me when a piece reads like it’s a part of a story rather than a contained little tale. I’m actually close to completing work on a drabble anthology. Drabbles are stories that are exactly one hundred words in length and it’s pretty difficult to squeeze a full story into so few words. That being said I think the ‘100 Word Horrors’ anthology will showcase some of the best that the horror world has to offer. We have a really strong author line up.

What is your favourite horror short story?

I’m not sure that I have a favourite but I read a little two line story somewhere that’s always stuck with me. “The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door…” I think it’s pretty clever and says a whole lot with very few words.

What scares you the most and what is your favourite horror scene/passage/novel?

Again, I don’t have a favourite novel. I probably have around thirty but if I was picking only one book it would more than likely be Swan Song by Robert McCammon. I suppose it’s about as far removed from short fiction as you can get but what a story. As I said I do love post apoc fiction and this is one of the best I have read. It’s a book that’ll always stay with me.

Please give us a one sentence horror story!

The clown had absolutely terrified me, I told the officer as he cuffed my blood stained hands behind my back.

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