This week we welcome David McCaffrey on our blog.  A great horror writer and all round good guy.  

Tell us a bit about you and your writing

Hi guys. Bit about me… hmmm. Okay, I’m a 40-something heterosexual, piano playing, Infection Control nurse who also happens to be an author. I have a Kelly, a Liam, a Jake and an Ob. As for writing, I have loved it since I was a child, but as with most things life got in the way. When Jake was born, I inexplicably felt inspired to write down an idea I had had in my head for some time. My partner at the time was really supportive and it kind of went from there.

I was fortunate to have Steve Alten (best-selling author of the Meg series and The Shell Game) as a writing coach who taught me so much about writing, editing, storytelling and most importantly, structuring a story. Whether I am any good at it, I leave to the readers!

I have had four books published, with another three due out next year including an autobiography I am writing on Steve Wraith.

What in your opinion makes good horror?

I think a good, scary story needs to have something relatable; something your subconscious is able to connect to. IT is scary because it plays on the innate fear most of us have for clowns. Pet Semetary works because we all wonder what would happen if we could bring loved ones back from the dead. Blair Witch works as it plays on the fact that you see little so your imagination fills in the blanks… which is often worse! Anything that has a close parallel to reality I feel makes for a good hook in horror.

How do you feel about flash fiction as a medium for horror?

I think flash fiction is great because it forces the author to be succinct and get straight into the story with the opportunity for literary elephantitis. We don’t necessarily need a lot of words to tell a story, never mind a scary one. You only need that killer hook and the ability to play on people’s fears. That is a true talent and something I am not sure I have. I respect those authors who can do it and do it so well.

What is your favourite horror short story?

I would have to say Stephen King’s ‘The Mist’. Loved the movie, but I think as above, the book had a really clever way of telling you only what you needed to know about the circumstances and the people involved in an horrific situation. And though not really horror per se, I love Stephen King’s ‘The Jaunt’. Again, a short story and more sci-fi than horror, but the ending is terrifying! If the readers haven’t read it, I highly recommend it!

What scares you the most and what is your favourite horror scene/passage/novel?

Terrified of spiders.

Favourite horror scene in a novel – Brian O’Gorman’s ‘Dawn of the Spiders’ where a character who has been bitten is having sex with of one the main characters and begins to mutate whilst in flagrante! Disturbing and horrifying in equal measure! And I know I said I was afraid of them and I am absolutely terrified, but I also have a strange obsession with reading books about them!

Please give us a one sentence horror story!

‘Odours lingered in the air – humans, animals and machinery – yet the smell that was causing horripilation was the one coming from the thing in the corner.’

Thank you David for visiting our horror blog and we hope to see you again soon.

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