by E Fox

Beware, beware the April Ghoul

He’ll be waiting for you when you get to school

Don’t be naïve, don’t be a fool

Beware, beware the April Ghoul


You’ve heard the rumours, the lies, the jokes

The fear, the terror, they try and invoke

The crazy talk of the crazy folk

The sanity gone from minds now broke


They say he lives deep within us all

Through your guts, feel his claws, he’ll slowly crawl

Stand still. Be quiet, hear that sound so small?

You know already, his wail, his call.


And when you start running, you’ll feel no shame

Your friends all laughing as they call your name

And when you get home, your dog you’ll maim

Because you’ll have truly gone insane


So, take care, take care this April first

A wicked day, truly the worst

The hate within you, so fit to burst

He’s chosen you, the ghoul, to curse.