by Alan

Eeny, meeny, Monday hoe
slash your guts from head to toe
drink your bile with gin of sloe
eeny, meeny, Monday hoe

Ya, tan, Tuesday gnoff
knock your noxious hobbleboots off
dose your chilluns with whooping-cough
yan, tan, Tuesday gnoff

Eins, zwei, Wednesday glump
ram a firework up your rump
saw the starburst? nar, heard the thump
eins, zwei, Wednesday glump

Satu, dua, Thursday loon
howl like poets at gibbous moon
fillet your gullet not a moment soon
satu, dua, Thursday loon

Hickory, dickory, Friday o’clock
dead ravens nest in cinder block
seal your tomb with Lucifer’s lock
hickory, dickory, Friday o’clock

Uno, due, Saturday scum
hung your entrails from a manna gum
laugh while crows scoff every crumb
uno, due, Saturday scum

‘But the child who is born on the Sabbath day’
…bugger me dead, I’ll make him pay
cleanse my soul with his aortal spray
that child who dies on the Sabbath day.