by Soniya Rajput

It hurts.  The way winds are blowing back & forth continuously without a crack, crashing my body hither and thither mercilessly as it goes.  God! it hurts like hell.  Oh wait, this is hell isn’t it? Is this what I was asking for when I indulged in the forbidden? But why? It isn’t my fault that she was mine.  Mine to take, mine to devour.  It’s her fault really! For bringing out the Satan inside me.  How dare she be so desirable?  The way her eyes would water whenever I got rough with her, cheeks flushed with pain and humiliation.  The way her smile would falter and fall like faded petals of a withered flower.  It’s her fault that I lost it and became a monster.  She was lovely like that; scared and helpless.  I shouldn’t have done that though. But, I just loved her.  Then why I am here, in this murkiest depths of hell?  It’s she who was asking for it and I just fulfilled her wishes.  After all, that’s what a good father ought to do right?