Horror Scribes

Winner of our Urban Legends competition

Stomp by Christopher Risewick  When the doctor suggested fentanyl, we knew it was over. I'd watched Mum's paralytic agony swell for too many years. We were out of options. The old school yard's desolate, but the place feels timeless: I still... Continue Reading →

Interview with Mia Brown, author of Portraits in Flesh

Hi Mia, welcome to Horror Scribes.  Please tell us about you and your writing. Hi Horror Scribes. My name is Mia Brown and I’m from the UK and a huge David Bowie fan. I write dark tales under the name... Continue Reading →

Sleight of Hand

By Ash D Fairly straightforward really. Cameras, crew and a pile of cash. Should've opened all the doors. Thing is, the one I wanted to get through had been nailed shut by the fucker who was at this very moment... Continue Reading →

Interview with Stephanie Ellis, co-editor of The Infernal Clock

"This is the time of the Infernal Clock, when the serpent sends his army out into the world to continue the eternal struggle. Their deeds are recorded in these pages, a small sample, one day in the life of tormented... Continue Reading →

Interview with Laura Ellen Scott, author of The Mean Bone In Her Body

Hi Laura and welcome to Horror Scribes.  Please tell us a bit about you and your writing. I’m a recovering Ohioan who writes dark mystery novels, heavily influenced by gothic horror. The first two books of the New Royal Mysteries... Continue Reading →

Interview with Jay Raven, author of Crimson Siege – Book One in the Blood Riders series

Jay Raven's Crimson Siege is the first book in his 19th century vampire hunter series Blood Riders   Tell us a bit about you and your writing. I’m originally from Glasgow, but now live in Birmingham - in  a creepy old house... Continue Reading →

Winner of Trapped Flash

We Are All Alone When the Dark Comes by Donna L. Greenwood In the dark it clicked. She knew from the sound it wasn’t human. There was something insect-like about the way it skittered across the floor. Sometimes it came... Continue Reading →

Runner-up of Trapped Flash

Catch of the Day by Jess Doyle She squirmed, a hopeless tangle of netting, scales and coarse, dark hair. Her mighty tail gleamed jasper and jade, fused with serpentine skin. She hissed and glared at them with onyx eyes, clawing... Continue Reading →

Highly Commended Trapped Flash

Danger Grange by Wiebo Grobler A glass with half a bottle of whiskey stood on the table. Jesus. It wasn't even eleven yet. "Hey man, thanks for handing in my wallet. I really appreciate it," Henry said. "No problem," the... Continue Reading →

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